Exothermic/Endothermic Lab Report Standards

Content Standards:

  • CuffeeHS.PCHS.SC.08: Students use scientific writing to explain rationale, procedures, and results of an experiment.
  • CuffeeHS.PCHS.SC.09: Students use scientific writing to draw conclusions based on the analysis of data gathered from an experiment.
  • PS2(9-11)-6a: Students demonstrate an understanding of physical, chemical, and nuclear changes by writing balanced chemical equations to represent chemical reactions and illustrate the conservation of matter.

Applied Learning Standards:

A. Problem Solving: Formulating core questions and concerns about topics or areas of interest and organizing and conducting a process to (a) create an intellectual or physical product, (b) hold an event, or (c) conduct a process or otherwise move towards the solution of the identified issue or problem.

E. Reflection and Evaluation: Reviewing and thinking critically about past activities and plans for the future.

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