Summer Homework 2015-2016

Your summer homework is attached below.

  1. Email me two times (rubric: Screenshot_6_20_15__5_04_PM).
  2. Complete this packet: 2015 Chemistry Summer HW
  3. Take the following Google quizzes:

Safety test:

Lab Equipment test:

Fetal Development Website Links

The Multi-dimensional Human Embryo
Shows three-dimensional images and descriptions of a human embryo from 22 to 56 days old based on magnetic resonance imaging.

The Visible Embryo 
Use the spiral to navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and preview the unique changes in each stage of human development.

StorkNet’s Week-by-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy 
For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you’ll find information about a baby’s development and what types of changes occur within the mother’s pregnant body.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs & Pregnancy and Parenthood 
Descriptions of mental, physical, and psychological impairments and problems in infants and children caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs (ATOD) during pregnancy.

The Biology Project: Human Biology 
Provides problem sets and tutorials on genetic topics such as blood types, color blindness, human genetics, and DNA forensics.

George Mason University’s Online Resources to Prenatal Development and Birth 
Provides many links to sites on prenatal development, pregnancy and birth, and problems with pregnancy.

Neuroscience Missing Assignments

How Does a Taser Work: 12.15 Taser Article

Awakenings Packet: Awakenings Viewing Guide 1.26 Awakenings Journal #1 2.23 Dreams Article 1.20 Blink Reading Questions

Awakenings Journal: 1.26 Awakenings Journal #1

Blink Questions (you still need to get the photocopied pages from me): 1.20 Blink Reading Questions

Brain Games Addiction: Brain Games Addiction Notes

What Dreams Are Made Of:: 2.23 Dreams Article

Dopamine Experiment Analysis: The Dope on DopamineFOR EACH EXPERIMENT

Neurotransmitter Stations Reading: Neurotransmitter Readings 1.12 NT Reading Questions