HW Due Thurs. 9/26

I am SO sorry for the delayed post! Here is the homework due tomorrow, the homework due Friday, and today and tomorrow’s PowerPoints.

Reminder: We’re taking our diagnostic test AND our quiz on Friday. The quiz will be on the material covered on Wednesday and Thursday (see attached PowerPoints).

Separation of Mixtures HOMEWORK Due Tuesday

Today in class you tested 5 different substances for 3 properties: whether they’re magnetic, whether they float, and whether they dissolve in water. Tonight for homework, you need to write out a step-by-step procedure for tomorrow’s Separation of Mixtures Lab. You need to come up with a detailed plan for how you’re going to separate a mixture of salt, sand, black pepper, pebbles, and iron filings. Write your procedure on the next blank page of your science notebook, and include a list of all materials you’ll need.

9.23 Mixtures Diagnostic Lab