Summer Homework 2015-2016

Your summer homework is attached below.

  1. Email me two times (rubric: Screenshot_6_20_15__5_04_PM).
  2. Complete this packet: 2015 Chemistry Summer HW
  3. Take the following Google quizzes:

Safety test:

Lab Equipment test:

Neuroscience Missing Assignments

How Does a Taser Work: 12.15 Taser Article

Awakenings Packet: Awakenings Viewing Guide 1.26 Awakenings Journal #1 2.23 Dreams Article 1.20 Blink Reading Questions

Awakenings Journal: 1.26 Awakenings Journal #1

Blink Questions (you still need to get the photocopied pages from me): 1.20 Blink Reading Questions

Brain Games Addiction: Brain Games Addiction Notes

What Dreams Are Made Of:: 2.23 Dreams Article

Dopamine Experiment Analysis: The Dope on DopamineFOR EACH EXPERIMENT

Neurotransmitter Stations Reading: Neurotransmitter Readings 1.12 NT Reading Questions